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CRUX illuminate verisimilitude in a world full of music which is superficial and delusional


CRUX are a prog-rock/indie rock group hailing from Newcastle, UK and have managed to attain great acclaim from a vast array of listeners from all over the world. Their songs aim to speak up about real world issues, ones which fall into deep importance globally and on a personal level alike. They have played in numerous music festivals and have managed to bag a radio appearance on BBC radio 6 as well.

With great potential illuminating from their work released so far, it is safe to say that the unexpected greatness of this band never ceases to have an awe-inspiring effect on the listener.

"The song effectively deals with this feeling of loss, not of something or somebody but of the rhythm of existence itself."

Their new single 'Empty Home' is a song some could find to be of deep personal value, which may stem from a relatability factor for the listener as well as a glimmering hope that this song is wrapped around with. The lyrics discuss the delicate subject of isolation, written aptly during the time of lockdown, which had 2 years of our lives taken away from us, wasted time which will never return to us again. The song deals with this feeling of loss, not of something or somebody but of the rhythm of existence itself. It can obviously be interpreted as various scenarios, fitting to the listener's personal perspective of what sort of problems life is giving away at the moment. Hence, the metaphor of the house is used to convey this feeling. How, over a period of time, everything a home was known for starts to slip away or becomes damaged. Such as the pipes bursting and mould growing on the walls. The track utilises this hazy sound which helps drive the melancholia of the feeling forward to a great extent. The instrumentals, most prominently the drums feel tactile and fitting to the themes explored.

Definitely give this one a listen if you're into the bedroom pop sound which promotes and slips in bits and pieces of prog rock in a number of areas.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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