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Creativity Carnage: Riotous Celebrations of Garage Rock Via Patrick Doval's 'Back Home'!

Reminiscing nostalgia for retro rock, Patrick Doval returns to the music scene with a new trance,' Back Home'! A rock maestro whose creatives know no bounds, Patrick's style of music is extremely effect-heavy and unique to the extent that it has reflections of the legendary Pink Floyd and Terry Gilliam, as the sounds are highly captive and animative in their way, he hones an authentic artistry of 5 albums and 22 music videos, all filled with an element of surprise and loads of inspiration. Let's give a cheer to the creative hailstorm that is Patrick Doval!

Patrick Doval
Patrick Doval

Sounding radiant and fresh while also making us yearn for a wholesome past we had, this rock venture can do it all.

A distinct sound almost like prog rock or punk revamped for the new generation, the singer-guitarist Patrick has killed it with his modernized approach to classic symphonies in this tune. A bizarre yet dreamy mood rollercoaster which will surely transport you to the 70s and 80s, this includes peak electric guitar moments and chromatic drum beats all submerging into a plethora of sound that is single has to offer. Variety in rock is a rare phenomenon, and this single exactly provides that to the masses. A feel-good number that will surely replenish your spirits for a core rock sound, this is a must-listen for everyone despite the genre they like, as this can easily dwell into any mood board with ease.

Test this upbeat melody down below -

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