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Cradle of Contemplation: Awakening Child-like Wonders with Sambox's 'Imagination'

The marvellous duo of Sambox and Anita Barbereau returns to the music scene with a breath of fresh air in their latest release, 'Imagination'! Sambox, the music composer with multiple feathers on his hatt hailing from France and Anita Barbereau, the cellist seem to derive their main musical inferences from styles like lounge, ambient, chillout, downtempo, deep house and jazz to name a few. Recorded in Sam's home studio, this release seems to culminate Sambox's 20 years of experience in electronic music and Anita's elegance in classical music, delivering an ecstatic experience.

Sambox's duo partner Anita Barbereau
Sambox's duo partner Anita Barbereau
A sonic reverie that embarks on creation and spark, this track exactly feels like looking at the world from the lens of a growing child.

Fostering innovation, 'Imagination' feels like a rapid melodic escape that evolves from poetic melodies and ethereal sounds, making you wonder about the tiniest of things. It captures the essence of excitement, pure joy and love, some things only a child unknown to the worldly views and catastrophes might think. The wideness of the ocean and aiming to reach the horizon, seem to be the only things a child seems to dream of. Away from the shackles of materialism, this release blossoms as a vinyl ray of hope amongst the listeners.

Test this profound melody down below -

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