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Cosmic High-Fives: Immerse in the Confetti Clouds of Nissu's 'Connection'

Radiating nothing but happy-go-lucky energy, Nissu's 'Connection' will make your heart groove! Hailing from the vibrant country of Brazil, the singer-songwriter Nissu aims to enchant the masses with his sultry smooth vocals and playful melodies. As someone new to the music industry, his first two releases have garnered massive critical acclaim, and this is just the start. Embarking on themes of love, acceptance and equality, let your hearts sprint with joy with his brand-new release!


An upbeat movement about making the most of what you have whilst you can, 'Connection' feels like a source of serotonin for the human heart!

A funky-loving commercial pop release, 'Connection' is a potion of nu-pop excitement that throws light on the moments of nostalgia all of us felt during the lockdown, With its electrifying disco-like beat infused with the mesmerizing synths of the trumpet, this also discusses how social media has been pivotal catalyst in keeping us together as the situation of the world worsened. This is fun, inspiring and a beautiful tale of resilience of unity, and will motivate the listeners to live life in the moment, as life is everything that you make it. Overall, I found the melody very funky and glittery to listen to, and so will the masses!

Test this rejuvenating melody down below -

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