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Cosmic Carabets: Exploring Pop Rock's Groovy Gallops with Spider Cherry's "Little Bit Shy"

Step into the crazy pop-rock reverie of Spider Cherry's brand new release, 'Little Bit Shy'! Hailing from Britain and currently based in South Florida, this proves to be Nathan Macardo's (also known as Spider Cherry) perfect lyrical landscape, as it is bold, tuneful, addictive and colourful in all the right places. A glam rock marvel that acknowledges the artist's ADHD, this is a sharply composed track that falls right at the intersection between pop rock, contemporary pop, glam rock and carnival music, as it is full of tangy lyricism, stuttering piano and loads of distortion-saturated lead guitar that makes him fit into the mould of a confident rock-showman with ease. Let's give it up for Spider Cherry!

Spider Cherry
Spider Cherry

Fun, coy and an undying free will to express, this pure pop-rock bliss will feel exciting yet nostalgic.

Set into the 2016-17s notion of fashion, we enter the hypnotic realm of the single's video with Spider Cherry waking up from sleep, obnoxious and anxious. The lyrics and the display of ADHD written on the bottle also get to see the light as he finally wakes up to see the world. Spider spots his gothic girlfriend having someone else as her muse in the park, and agitation makes him shift gears. The next scene depicts him as a crybaby, where we spot him dressed like a baby, trying to break the moulds of hyper-realism and convention. Having a nice amount of rage, funk and swag to it, this video captures how he wants to do nothing but break free, from the echoes of the ones surrounding him, and from the echoes of his thoughts, stopping him from doing what he wants. Alas, this has the right amount of early pop bedazzle and spike to entice the masses.

Take a look at the funky music video down below -

Test this psychedelic melody down below-

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