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Chromatic Chaos: Punk Rock's Sonic Safari through Vanilla Franco's 'Traction'

The bluesy creative Vanilla Franco returns to the music scene with his brand new release, 'Traction', and there's so much to decode! A liberated brainchild of the supersonic hailstorm Joey Quinn, Vanilla's musings comprise hyped and harsh blends of alternative indie rock, thereby focusing mostly on having fun with experimentalism and playfulness in his sound. Drawing influences from the styles of Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, he aims to create pure art with his limited production knowledge and bold attitude. Let's get a hunch of his unique sound!

Vanilla Franco
Vanilla Franco

Syncopated realms of classic rock mixed with the modern free-spirited flow of thoughts, this is a fiesta of fun, alarming and rad beats that you'll relinquish like your favourite cuisine!

We breakthrough into the psychedelics of this album with 'Building Pressure', which does as it says, by building utmost excitement and thrill in the minds of listeners. This is the perfect trailer for what you're going to witness ahead, alerting you that it's going to be a rollercoaster ride. 'Picnic' is another heart-throbbing release that is full of prime old-school punk rock. This lowkey feels like a rowdy act of confidence, let out with utmost aggression, asserting power.

'Good Time' is yet another neon ride that is full of classic elements, and is almost surreal yet daunting to hear for the first time. This feels like a moment of time-travel into the retrogrades, where one is simply navigating through layers of curiosity. Following similar beat patterns, 'Invisible Boys' comes off as a track that everyone can identify with as their own. Symbolising the term invisible for those who tend to feel alienated or are despised by the masses, funky is a testament to pure rebellion and taking a stand to revolt.

Slow-tempo yet led by pure fury,' The Arena' is yet another colour of punk vigilance that is portrayed beautifully throughout the album. Sounding almost too funky. groovy, and cinematic, this is reminiscent of the initial phases of rock and carries an electronic guitar crash that is almost way too addictive. 'Monkey on a Mission' is yet another vividly coloured tune that is supposedly painted with a bright yet alarming red colour, instigating listeners to act upon the things they're curating in their lives.

The next track is bound to wrap you into its cinematic chokehold! Coming off as laid-back, subtle and almost too unique from the rest of the album, this feels like the climatic action listeners have been waiting for, that moment of liberation that'll set you free! Then we catch a train to an epic bass-driven dystopian land via the fading and lunatic beatscapes of 'Planes Trains (Capitol Operational). Now this is where we feel a sense of connection to the raw riffs of the initial tracks resurrecting with the lilac dreamlike notions of the previous track. This is super fun and mesmerising to hear!

Last but not least, complimenting the magnanimity of the start, we get a well-deserved hip end to this journey as well, with the tropical-sounding notions of 'Learn Something'. This feels like a carnival of colours, beats and different mood boards of rock getting together and vibing in utmost harmony. Overall, I fell in love with the album structure and would highly recommend listeners to relish this with all their hearts!

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