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Chords of Charm: Folk Rock's Dreamy Drifts to Love's Pure and Honest Depths with Mark Peters' 'Grace of the Fall'

Mark Peters is here to make your hearts flutter with his brand new release, 'Grace of The Fall'. A visionary hailing from the city of dreams, London, Mark possesses immaculate guitar and songwriting skills that sound like the perfect match made in heaven. With his artistic influences ranging from Nick Drake to Radiohead, he carries a charismatic essence of folk and jazz while blending the homeliness of country, blues and funk. Ever since his debut EP 'Spirits' released in October 2017, he's garnered attention from enthusiasts all around the world, and with an undying urge to spread nothing but pure magic, this influence is bound grow above and beyond. Let's witness the sophisticated grace of Mark's brand new reverie!

Mark Peters
Mark Peters

Pacifying notions of longing infused with words of honesty , this heartfelt harmony feels like the backdrop of a rom-com.

A sound, calming and an adorable track that is purely born out of pure ambition, talent and spontaneity, this narrates how arms of love extend above and beyond the worldly boundaries. With lyrical landscapes full of verses that sound somber yet dreamy, nostalgic and seem to yearn love longing, this captures a blissful essence of a brewing love. Sounding almost very raw and pure of hopefulness of love and its illusions, the acoustic verses here completely nail the place of being magically authentic and vinyl in their existence. This proves the fact that how the most random things in life are the most beautiful, like the grace of the season fall.

Test this mystical melody down below -

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