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Celestial Harmony: Soaring through the Soulful Skies of Barry Muir's 'Windowpane'

Cover Art for Barry Muir's 'Windowpane'
Cover Art for Barry Muir's 'Windowpane'

Currently based in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, Barry Muir inculcated his unique music craft back in his hometown in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After moving to Vancouver years later, Barry always dreamt of joining a rock movement and he achieved that by joining the Payola$. Barry Muir has recorded 7 albums, the most recent being "In The Meantime". He has also graced three of Canada's darling bands; The Payola$, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts and The Blue Shadows. Each band toured extensively in North America both headlining their own shows and as the support act for Rush, Cheap Trick, Bryan Adams and several others. All three bands were nominated for Best New Group of the Year at the Canadian Juno Awards, winning it twice.

The captivating vibrant tones in Windowpane take the listener's attention away from the heartbreaking story in the song, which is a skill not many people can master!

Bathed in velvety blues and brimming with vitality, 'Windowpane' dazzles as the enchanting second single from Barry Muir's latest album, 'In the Meantime'. Channelling legends like Elton John, Brandi Carlile, Ed Sheeran, and Paul McCartney, Muir effortlessly spins intricate narratives. Revisiting the tender days of his youth in Canada's prairies, he masterfully crafts a touching scene of longing and heartbreak. Fondly remembering post-breakup moments spent at the frosty window with his guitar, a recent visit to a friend's chilly home sparked nostalgia. This emotional voyage inspired 'Windowpane', written alongside Lucy LeBlanc and recorded amid Toronto's cityscape and Nashville's country allure. Overflowing with melancholy and soul, don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the spellbinding 'Windowpane' by Barry Muir.

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