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Broadcasted Bliss: Pop's Catchy Commentary on Screen Dreams With Mitch Elle's 'Falling In Love On TV'

Delve into the romantic eros of the cosmic spells of love with Mitch Elle's 'Falling in Love on TV'! Michelle Proctor, the creator behind the song, is a singer/songwriter who wishes to make musical dreamsapes a reality with his ethereal sound. Drawing inferences from icons like Rex Orange Country, Briston Maroney and Billy Joel to name a few, his sound carries a similar sense of euphoria and warmth. This track, in particular, gives off a strong influence of Rex's marvels and is produced by the talented Jarred Hahn, who's also provided production, playing bass, drums and other instruments, garnishing the track in the most appalling manner possible. Let's fall into the labyrinths of 'Falling In Love on TV'!

Mitch Elle
Mitch Elle

A melody that gleams at reality in the most adorable and unhinged manner, this depicts how television romanticises romance as if it were happening in an alternative universe, and how nothing is comparable or relatable in real life.

"It's so easy, falling in love on TV, I wish I could be there too", dear Mitch, isn't this something all of us feel at some point? This is a cute track that reminds you how on television and in movies, everyone gets their way with romance and love with the click of a button, and how cooking romance and building chemistry between two individuals is easier than making a pack of instant noodles, where in reality it's not. This also shows how the romance on TV makes us feel like we're all lacking an element of surprise in our lives, and that life on reel makes us want to accomplish those hypothetical realms of happiness and satisfaction, blinding us into thinking about the impossible. Mitch also talks about his potential crush and how if we could he would skip and fast forward to the point where she's head over heels for him, like how they do in movies. Moreover, in today's generation where romance supposedly is 'dead', these shows craft a fairytale-like unrealistic narrative for the ordinary that is almost too far from reality, yet Mitch wishes he could be in them, like the rest of us.

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