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Bridges of Vinyl: 80's Rock's Neon Confessions through the Bold Narratives of Gary Dranow's '18,It's All right!'

Dive into the exotic summery notions of Gary Dranow's brand new release,'18, It's All Right!' The genius of Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions is back to revolutionizing the realms of rock, yet again with a release that is too energizing and full of spark to go unnoticed. Creating brand new authentic sound with bash, the band is gaining recognition from all over the world with their exploratory, fresh-sounding tunes that span across a plethora of genres, thereby proving how the group has the potential to submerge into every genre or domain possible. Hailing from the vibrant Park City, Utah, the Australian collaborative comprises geniuses like evergreen versatile Gary Dranow, who serves as composer, lyricist, writer and guitarist, Chris Zoupa on the guitar, bass and arrangements and Jason Jones as the drummer, producer, mixer, vocalist, master and drummer, they're definitely on fire, and with the hailstorm of glorifying releases, it's safe to say that they're here to stay! Let's listen to their brand-new funk-driven sound!

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

Exploring themes of spontaneity, truthfulness, and finding you're to true self, this is a tasteful yet salty funk rock venture that will ignite your soul from within!

A soul-stirring encounter with Gary's tumultuous journey with his sexuality and the mental health problems that came with it, this is a moment of profoundly rooted change that is telling you to be carefree and be present in the moment, this is a groovy trip down memory lane that explores the romantic realms of teenage hood. A tale of love, lust and physical and emotional pain that comes with it, this is vividly summery, and sings lores of how there's no time to worry about the past or future when you're 18. It's better to rather live wildly and stay true to yourself while having fun of course. Perfect for brewing teenage dreams for many, this is the perfect sound to raise a generation and is a must-listen.

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