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Bouncing Blues: 'Electric Kid' is an astounding amalgamation of genres

Residing in the world electric beats of rock, Dirty Mitts is a junction of four skillful and experienced artists, Tommy on the vocals, bass player Matt, Mo with his guitars, and Mateusz with his powerful beats of drum, on a ride of rollercoaster through the world of sounds, crossing and clearing all the bumps in their path. They are a mesh of musicians from the UK, Poland, and Egypt who joined teams back in 2022, brought together by their mutual love for classic, loud Rock'n'roll.

Dirty Mitts
Dirty Mitts
'Electric Kid' is an introspective tapestry of smashing symphonies and bare emotions, expressing a journey from struggling with shyness to becoming fearless.

Known worldwide for sprinkling splashes of blues into radiant rock rhythms, Dirty Mitts is back again with another one of their extraordinarily beautiful records titled 'Electric Kid'. The textured soundscape of the track aligns flawlessly with the grooves of your brain. A perfect encapsulation of the artists' feelings is what 'Electric Kid' is, expressing the abrupt trail of navigating life's intricacies with determination and resilience.

Test this wonderful melody down here:

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