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Bluesy Ballades with Grunge Grit: Exploring the Theatrical Journey of Alex Wellkers' 'Fly Away'

Let's embrace the calming auras of Alex Wallkers' brand new tune compilation, 'Fly Away'! Hailing from Switzerland, Zurich, Alex is a one-man creative who is here to break the moulds of the ordinary in the genre of grunge rock. As someone passionate about music since the age of 6, he developed an interest and artistic talent in a plethora of instruments like harmonica, keyboard, and classical guitar, only to find out that his niche lies in blues rock. With a freshly crafted sound, these tunes are inventive and purely experimental and can emerge as a powerful influence in the realms of blues rock. With many releases and EPs and many more to come, let's witness the musical maestro of Alex Wellkers!

Alex Wellkers
Alex Wellkers

A finely tuned metal fiesta surpassing endless theme landscapes, this is an exhibit of how vivid ambient instruments can also be elements of grace in the rock genre.

We begin with the awe-inspiring notions of the breakthrough track of this album,' You Want Us'. A track that is deeply engraved in the themes of overwhelming emotions, nostalgia and a sense of belonging that one feels within the synergy of another person. This is beautifully sad and feels like a blissful yearning of compassion. Then we enter the grunge landscapes of 'We Celebrate'. This feels like a moment of surrendering to the numbness that is there in the moment. Profoundly rooted in a classic rock setting, this is also touched with a hint of emo and goth rock.

'Making Progress' feels like a slow pacifying notion of sound one would want to travel to. A ballad about the mind-boggling passage of time and how things switch gears completely, this is slow-paced and seems to dissipate seamlessly into times of uncertainty as a sign of relief. 'Grab The Stars' is yet another lamenting notion that shifts gear from the usual remorseful sound patterns used in the album. This feels like a blast of energy and funk and sends a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners. The next track, 'Niemals jemals da gewesen' is yet another preciously crafted violin work, but this tends to cross language barriers and is sung in French.

Yet another French number on the album, 'Tu sais que je t'aime' feels like an emotion-infused encounter coming from a sense of depth. This is distinctly dramatic and feels like the climax of a movie. Then the violin redirects us to the echoes of elegance in 'We Try Our Best'. But don't judge a book by its cover, as the track progresses to be the most electrifying track of the entire tune compilation.

'What You Think Right Now' is another grunge fantasia powered through with distorted bass and electric guitar synths that add an edge to it. This is a display of aggression, passion, rage and other similar sonic notions. Then a moment of surprise comes when the trumpet guides us into yet another fierce hard metal tune 'We Belong Here'. This is cinematic grace redefined in a nutshell, is majestic to hear.

Last but not least, 'Amy' is a stand for courage and standing up to someone's odds that society throws shade at, letting them know that they shouldn't give in to the ungrateful belief systems of society. This tune is very nostalgic and carries a summery indie ring to it. We conclude the melody with with rock euphoria of 'Do Not Fall', which is a vivacious display of classic rock, intertwining elements of both French and English, making this a tune comprising of the best of both worlds.

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