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Bioluministic Ballads: The Sonic Atlantis of William Sanford's 'Deep Mollusca'

Bringing in perspective to futuristic synths of sound, William Sanford returns to the masses with the hyper-vigilance of his latest creative project,' Deep Mollusca'! An avant-garde musician hailing from the grounds of the Indiana/Chicagoland area, William derives inspiration from icons like Tyler the Creator, Shpongle, and Daft Punk and caters to genres like deep house, abstract and experimental sound. Famous for his laser sounds, let's witness the explosive artistry of William Sanford in 'Deep Mollusca'!

Cover Art of William Sanford's 'Deep Mollusca'
Cover Art of William Sanford's 'Deep Mollusca'

'Deep Mollusca' is a mind-blowing adventure through the horizons of the fresh and fierce underwaters, we navigate and romanticize all the experiences, only to find ourselves alone at the end - an awe-inspiring ambience of sound.

We begin this musical voyage with the holy water splashes of 'The Pelatic Plunge', a track that we find our shelter in initially, within the laps of seagulls alongside our faceless protagonist. Then the journey finally begins taking some shape at 'Abyssal Solenogastres', a motion commotion of a track that pushes you into the dance of madness.

A breakthrough adventure in search of a mystical kaleidoscope continues with tracks like 'Neopilina', 'Manna From Above and/or Marine Show' and 'Legends of the Whale Fall', where we witness some squirmy comrades that writhe and struggle yet seem to be content and in their lowly positions, We witness the divine Marine Snow and the plethora of beauty the Whale Fall holds.

The narratives transpire and elope into magic with the upcoming stages of adventure, namely 'Muusoctopus's Garden', where we see a long shrine of octopodes guarding their brood, 'Where Bathyal Became Twilight', that encapsulates our swim towards the shining light and 'A Sea Butterfly Amongst the Holoplankten', where amidst this beauty we encounter some predators. Catching a glimpse at ecstatic sea angels relentlessly preying on the auroras of sea butterflies with 'The Terrifying Beautiful Lives of Sea Angels', we reach 'The Blood Red Waters Of the Photic Zone', where the sorrowful bodies of sea butterflies float on the waters of the photic zone.

We somehow manage to elope to Benthic in 'Back To Benthic', where we find a lot of curious minds and creatures bingeing on detritus and performing bizarre traditions like repeating multiple rituals and chants in 'Dentalium's Detritus Dinner'. 'The Neritic Crawl' though, describes our determinant climb onto and beyond the shore.

We finally gaze and cross the hinge-shelled filter feeds and covet their rainbow lips, despite the protection provided by Chilton allies at 'Rainbow Lipped, Mother of Pearl'. And lastly, via 'Despite Gumboot's Armor', we realise that no matter the sacrifice and the ferociously divine flora and fauna, we find ourselves alone.

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