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Beaming thrills of love in Carson Ferris's 'Talking To You'

Young musical wizard Carson Ferris returns with another sonic symphony,' Talking to You'! A 13-year-old wonderous icon grooming from the grounds of Utah, Carson reached a point of a career breakthrough during the Corona outbreak in the 2020s, probably when the entire world was scared and asleep. As a sort-after visionary who's grown up to make music his life, Carson began learning electric guitar at 6. His astonishing musical powers also echoed out loud on the stages of The Voice's Children Choir and even in live performances at Dave Wilbur’s Rock Lab in Orem. Right from kickstarting in 2020, Carson released his debut single,' Can't Be Without You' featuring Trinidad Cardona in October 2021. Deriving his sole musical influences from Ed-Sheeran & Jonas Brothers, he has been tremendously experimenting along the lines of his musicality by venturing into all shades of pop. He has been constantly aiming to be more versatile and relatable than ever with the guidance of producer Mykyl at Provo's June Audio. A musical hailstorm is in the works with Carson's 'Talking to You'!

Carson Ferris
Carson Ferris
Breaking through into the heart-wrenching aftereffects of falling in love, this tops as a relatable love-ballad and an utter masterpiece.

Leaving us all flabbergasted yet again, Carson is seen beautifully shape-shifting his narratives about life first-hand in 'Talking to You'. Describing scenic anecdotes of chills, excitement, overthinking, manic dreams, and repetitive thoughts experienced by a one-sided love, this describes love and the person you're in love with as a parasite that seeks your soul as their new home.

A beautiful sonic tapestry that is driven by the divas and boy bands from the late 1990s, this is seal-packed with a subtle amount of excitement and thrill that keeps everyone hooked from the start to the end of the track. 'Talking To You' feels like a heartful yearning for love and the scavenging excitement that peeps through one's soul. A fear of rejection, one of the many fears that one has to endure to process through life, is a track that is sure to capture hearts.

The musical versatility of Carson knows no bounds, hence this is a thrill-packed rock-pop venture that can be enjoyed by all age groups alike.

Test this exciting melody down below -

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Luckily, we also got an opportunity with the pragmatic Carson. Let's hear what he had to say-

1. Carson, you’ve done it again! How did you get the idea of ‘Talking To You’?

A -I wanted to write a spooky song that would fit the vibe of the Halloween music festival Buzzards and Bees, but I didn't want to write another cheesy monster mash song, so I decided to write about something I'm scared of- talking to girls I like.

 2. What are the fine lines of correlation you walk between love and horror for you?

A- I feel like it's a very relatable topic to write a song about while being able to sound spooky without sounding too cheesy. I'm very proud of how Talkin’ to You ended up turning out.

 3. Can you describe the creative process of the track?

A- When I took the song to my producer Mykyl, he was like, you know what this song needs? Some huge electric guitars going bam in the chorus. I thought that would be awesome, so that's where the production started. 

 4. Carson, there’s a lot from you to learn for not just people your age, but even the ones older than you. What qualities do you want to polish or inculcate as you proceed with your musical journey?

A- I feel like my lyric writing could use some work. My main goal is just to become a better musician all around.

 5. How has working with producer Mykyl impacted your musical career so far? Can you tell us about any behind-the-scenes moments with him? 

A- Working with Mykyl has been awesome! He seems to always instinctively know what a song needs, and is a production wizard! He suggests things that I never would have thought of but that fit perfectly, like the you have arrived at your destination at the end of the Drive alone.

 6. ‘Talking To You’ is one of the many iconic numbers in your EP. Can you tell us which one out of them is your favourite and why?

A- I feel like my favourite song is always whatever one I released most recently, which in this case is Talkin’ to You.

 7. Can you describe your musical aura in one word?

A - If I had to sum up my musical self with one word, that word would probably be guitar-centric. The first musical thing I ever did was guitar lessons, and a lot of my songs heavily feature guitar.

8. Everyone is rooting for you! How have the fan interactions been so far? Is there any one peculiar incident that you’d like to mention?

A - Interactions with fans have been amazing so far! It's really cool how many people just want to support me. Everyone seems to love my content and music.

9. Grooming talent at a young age can feel like an expose sometimes. How do you deal with peer pressure and limelight?

A - I used to have terrible stage fright about anything that had to do with getting in front of people. It's a lot easier than it used to be, and the stage is one if my happy places now.

10. What are your thoughts on musical exploration? How do you feel about it so far and what are the genres you’d like to catch a hint of in the future?

A- I love to explore different vibes and genres in music. I don't know if I'll ever release a jazz song or a heavy metal song.



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