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Bass Beat Boudoir: Exploring Alt Pop's Dark Descent into Erotic Basslines with Olesia Glants' 'Movin'

Olesia Glants is back with the captivating notions of her brand-new release, 'Movin'! A bold statement for her artistic forte, Olesia unleashes seductive wildfires with this brand-new release. Hailing from Ukraine, she was infused with a passion for creating music at a very young age, as her career in circus led her to draw inspiration from cultures all across the globe for the same. As an artist who enjoys her creative liberty and has been progressing into musical experimentalism gradually, each of her singles comes off as a pure work of art. Let's witness the alluring realms of Olesia's sound!

Olesia Glants
Olesia Glants

A spooky, soulful and dark future fantasia driven by absolutely divine erotica, this would make you elope into an illusion.

'Movin' is a seductive escape into a dark dystopian dreamland, enticing the masses with Olesia's hypnotic soundscapes. This almost has a touch of techno in it as well and would make the listeners elope into a world driven by endless speed, making the listeners crazy with her menacing one-liners and airy motifs. With its dominating heart-throbbing bass, Olesia's enchanting vocal escapes and pumping drum strumming patterns, this draws a blurred line between illusive allures and reality and is too commanding and addictive to ignore.

Test this seductive melody down below -

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