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Balancing Acts: The Perilous Dance of One-Sided Love Told by MARQelectronica


MARQelectronica's latest track pulsates with the visceral energy of a throbbing heart, intricately weaving moody piano strikes amidst relentless, funky drum patterns. These robust instrumentals provide a stirring backdrop for the song's soft, soulful verses that crescendo into an irresistibly catchy chorus. The narrative delves deep into the tumultuous waters of relationship insecurities, shining a light on the imbalances that can precipitate chaos. A potent blend of passion and vulnerability, MARQelectronica offers listeners an evocative journey through the complexities of love and trust.

The track delves into the raw emotion of relationship insecurities and the perils of one-sided love, which can spiral into unexpected chaos.

Transitioning from event setup and solo covers to a captivating metamorphosis as MARQelectronica amid lockdown, a dynamic artist was born. With a yearning for the stage and nudged by friends and peers, MARQelectronica embraced a new musical identity. The result? Over 192,064 Spotify streams and a burgeoning Soundcloud following. A triumphant album release in July 2022 and subsequent singles, including collaborations with local powerhouse Harbourmaster and esteemed Brit and Ivor Novello awardee Simon Ellis, have marked the journey. Now, MARQelectronica ventures into exciting partnerships, recently teaming up with trip-hop sensation "The Last of the Fallen Angels." The path ahead gleams with the promise of amplified success and an ever-evolving artistic brand.

Test this soulful melody down below -



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