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Austin Carr's "Tame Me?": A Nostalgic Pop Song that feels like a refreshing breeze

Austin Carr is an indie-pop artist from the city of Angels. He blends the elements of retro music, folk, and pop to create a vast atmospheric sound. A musician who appeals to the ears of the masses, his tracks feel like they are straight out of an 80s pop album but with Austin’s own flavor. His songs revolve around the topics of the affair related to the heart and he presents various perspectives on the same which are unique yet relatable for the listeners.

Austin  Carr
“Tame Me” is a sad love song you can dance to. It captures the feeling perfectly with the retro groove wth the steel guitar seems to have a verse on its own.

"Tame Me?" is an upbeat track with punchy drum patterns and a steel guitar that adds to the saturated flavor of the song. Austin sings about his dissatisfaction with a love relationship. His line goes like- “Only gonna tame me?, Am I Getting Stronger?...”, where he expresses that the person he is talking about doesn’t recognize his value and this thing is bothering him.

Carr successfully captures the feelings felt in situations like this with his well-written lyrics and music to match the energy of the whole project. By the end, you can see a contrasting tone down in the song into slower beats and a more mellow tune. Overall, the track is an ear-candy with industry-level sound and a relishing retro vibe.

Test the melody down here-



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