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Anthem of the Aces: Celebrating Heroines in Harmony with Jes Marie's 'Girls's Night Out'

Jes Marie is here to rock your world with her amplifying new release 'Girls' Night Out' and here's everything you need to know! Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, Marie has always been inquisitive about the music industry from a very tender age. From taking voice lessons since she was four to attending Berklee College of Music, Boston, Jes has found newer and better ways to express her creative self through the power of music. Ever since her first single was released in 2018, Marie has constantly thrived for excellence, and her music has also graced several TV shows and movies. Let's witness the inspiring tales of Queen Jes's brand-new release! 

Jes Marie
Jes Marie

Paying tribute to the contributions of marvelous ladies all around the globe despite their age, this is a super-energetic extravaganza that will send a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners.

A shoutout call for all the women who made it through the pandemic, 'Girls' Night Out' is your moment of celebration, spreading the word about rejoicing in the moments of celebration for making an impact with their presence in the world. After years of promotion of male biases, this track right is here to break the boundaries of patriarchy with a creative moment to make all the female legends feel confident and inspired. This is a super electrifying, cool and bold anthem for all female torchbearers, and can also be a banger on the dancefloor. The biggest highlight of the artist's career is bound to ignite a fire to celebrate the incredible powers that women hold, and I think this is super empowering and a must-listen.

Test this vivacious melody down below -

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