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An Abstract Magician in the Facet of an Artist: Hot Spoon, Cold Mango's 'Paws In Ears'

Yet another delightful instrumental escape to embark on with Hot Spoon, Cold Mango's latest release, 'Paws on Ears'! A sonic visionary hailing from the lands of Bloomfield, Unites States, Hot Spoon, Cold Mango is a playful portrayal of cutting-edge audio design and stimulation that is perfected and beautifully blended with binaural beats and astonishing sonic manipulation that automatically teleports you into a land of vivid hallucinations with just one listen! It is a fantastic unreal moment set you put free! Whilst also catering to the genres of seriousness and therapy, This project is indeed the best of both worlds!

Hot Spoon, Cold Mango
Hot Spoon, Cold Mango

An album that almost feels like an open book, this is a golden dreamscape of endless possibilities.

We begin this enchanting journey with 'A Beckoning Plea Of A Call For Bears'! A track that almost feels like the beginning of an adventurous escape to some fairyland, this emburses freshness, and excitement and induces a sense of pastel vision into the minds of the listeners. The next track,' Amongst The Roots Of Trees' is a dreamy venture that almost feels like a piano-painted lullaby, with its dual-tone violin synths in the background. A track that almost reaches the potential of making listeners elope into an alt-reality where everything is numb and grounded, this is a profound musical masterpiece.

The third track on the album, 'A Cows Stands Guard Protecting Their Llamas' makes you transcend into the laps of Mother Nature with ease. Like a fresh breeze of air, this track feels like a thrill, almost the feeling of a blind man revoking his sense of seeing colours for the first time. The title passes down meanings like protectiveness, calm, and serenity, this gets you warm. 'Drooping Of Willow Trees Atop The Burrow Of Rabit' passes down a similar vision, but with hints of suspense and mystery to it. It is hazy, suspicious, and cold, just like walking in a dark forest on a chill night.

'First Dance of Eight Paws' embarks on a newfound sonic happiness, it almost feels like a rainbow after a thunderous hailstorm. Surprisingly, the upcoming track like 'Flower Picking Pink Elepppppphants', 'Fly With Me My Lover Fennec', 'Forgotten Fables In Dusty Attics Of Abandoned Buildings', 'Fox Betrothed The Cat' and 'Grazing On Mushrooms And Sweet Grass Of Morning Dew Medows', the artist tries to inculcate a sense of an abstract vision, by putting emotions like vulnerability, comfort, resilience and undertones of magic all under one umbrella.

Then we suddenly experience a shift of moods, when everything feels more refined and content, with tracks like 'I Am Not Afraid of You Penguins Anymore', 'The Lovely Hippopotamus Sings For Her Lover Europa Von Mouse', 'Ramblings of Regenerative Rabbits' and 'She Said It Was A Duck'.

Last but not least, the listeners end this ecstatic sonic reverie with the quadrate of the most majestic tracks of this release, 'Sketching In A Photogram Of Worlds', 'Walk To Find Trees', ' Walk To Find Trees', 'Withdrawing of Claws' and the 'Zoologist Leavee For The Evening'. With a canvas of visions painted so divine yet dismantled, so treasured some yet twisted, this is a serene experience that not many will resonate with, but would want to elope into.

Test this dreamlike melodic sphere of tunes down below -

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