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Amped Up Guitar Grits: Shredding Social Masks with Jane N' The Jungle's 'Life of The Party'

Jane N' The Jungle is back with the dystopian notions of her brand new release,' Life Of The Party, and this is something that will make you think! A modern rock band emerging from Phoenix, Arizona, their sound is cut with an attitude that seeps into one's skin as raw, amplifying mankind's emotions in a way the world has never seen before. Having received a tremendous amount of support from outlets like MTV's Spankin' New, Spotify's Fierce Femmes, Apple Music's Breaking Hard Rock and so many more, Jane N' The Jungle is at a well-deserved high and this is just the beginning! Let's listen to their brand-new release! 

Jane N' The Jungle
Jane N' The Jungle

Intense heartfelt palpitations infused with pure emotions of social dogma, this is almost vulnerable, pure and too intense to handle!

'Life of The Party' screams to the masses as the number that feels like an anthem of shaking confidence, an urge to retaliate for those who are forced to become the life of the party in someone's life. Power-packed with Jordan White's vocals and Brian Dellis's powerful guitar verses, this depicts the tension, agitation and commotion that someone faces for the sake of becoming someone's drug. This almost sounds like a fresh flavor to the genre of alt-rock that the masses might relate to as something being distinctively their own. Amplifying the toxicity of the entire idea, this is something that will revive emotions even in a heart of stone, and is a must-listen!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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