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Amped Awakening: Paytron Saint's 'Carmilla Roll' is Alt Rock's Anthem of Ascension !

Paytron Saint is back with a sonic bash with their brand-new alt-rock venture, 'Carmilla Roll'! Effectively known as the 'Chicken Coop', the award-winning alt-rock collaborative Paytron Saint is finally here to unleash utmost glory and boldness onto the masses, and this makes up for it as the band's third release this year. A marvel produced in the band's studio, this freedom flight carries forward the band's tradition of self-production and is just a burst of motive and energy that one wouldn't want to ignore. With almost no signs of further slowing down, let's witness the electrifying wrath of Paytron Saint! 

Paytron Saint
Paytron Saint

Carrying a thunderbolt's worth of energy, this isn't just an ordinary song, this is a life's sonnet making up for all the ups and downs in the most funky manner possible.

A dynamic punch of energy and classic punk, this is a true testament to the journey of life and all the little things that make someone feel alive. Comprising of dynamic instrumentation, insightful and reflective lyricism and a melody that is catchy yet maturely subtle. It's a glorious encounter with the maturity that comes with different experiences in life, imparting us with wisdom, experience and a deeper sense of understanding. Perfect supply of adrenaline and energy to go above and beyond with your might in life, this is a must-add to your playlist!

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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