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Captured Cadence: Love's Gentle Larceny with Save For Later's 'Treating Me Bad'

Save For Later arrive with the song for the summer breeze, with their latest soft rock marvel 'Treating Me Bad' and here's everything you need to know! With a creative genius like no other, the duo has supposedly known each other for years, hence the key to their ethereal soundscapes. Sounding like a daydream that came to life, this new release combines twangy country and folk music to provide you with a release that sounds as rejuvenating as your morning coffee! With so much critical acclaim and so much more to come, let's witness the dynamic reverberations of 'Treating Me Bad'! 

Save For Later
Save For Later

'Treating Me Bad' comprises of a plethora of instrumental elements that sound very divine together, almost sounding like a retreat to your ears.

Comprising of sunny, fresh and sublimely groovy undertones, 'Treating Me Bad' is a romance-infused notion that talks about how instances from the past. Talking about their lover treating them badly, they express their happiness but also talk about how they cannot lie. Their beloved has stolen their heart away from them, and this is a precious call out to them for treating our protagonist badly. Appealing to people of all generations, this comprises of nostalgic elements of classic rock mixed with summery chimes that almost elevate your listening experience. One can easily hear, every guitar note, violin synth and the difference of frequencies with earplugs on. I would say this number is a must-have in your summer playlist this season! 

Test this rejuvenating melody down below -

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