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Alt-Folk's Introspective Interlude: Kat Reinhert's 'Greenlights' is Tender Tale of Self-Finding

The soothing whispers of 'Greenlights' by Kat Reinhert are just what you need to experience an intellectual awakening! Culminating sparks from genres like folk, jazz and other popular music styles, Kat emerges to be our way of calm and hope amid chaotic songwriting debacles. Deriving musical inspiration from legends like Sara Bareilles, Joni Mitchell and John Mayer, she embraces a little vulnerability and rawness in her artistry, and that makes her sound supernatural and true to self. Written by the Pacific Ocean, this was written as a way through tough times. Let's witness the majestic allures of this new symphony!

Kat Reinhert
Kat Reinhert

Full of pacifying synths of Kat's angelic voice, this feels like a gateway to peace, and would instantly calm your mind down.

'Greenlights' is a surreal moment of reflection, where Kat is in the midst of a sonic evolution of her sound and artistry, of finding herself. Here in this release, she's pondering over every slight detail, all the major and minor moments of her life, only to discover that all she needed was to waste a little time. The term 'Greenlights' symbolizes a new-found sense of hope and relief, thereby signaling how there's no right or wrong time to achieve wisdom and enlightenment. With mellow guitar synths, this release is a beautiful moment of pondering over your life that I'm pretty sure all of us would connect with.

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