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Actve Captve's new single "I Can't Explain" Touches The Topic Of Being Helpless and Hopeless in Life

Actve Captve can be best described as paradox personified. The band’s essence lies in how artfully they have found a perfect balance between contradictions: polished as well as raw, introspective as well as outwardly, vulnerable yet embracing the fallouts. The band was started by Justin Han during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the band consists of 6 members: Justin Han on vocals, Cassie Brandi on vocals and keys, Jason Heninger on guitar, Israel Doria on mixing and guitar, Carlos Jordan on bass, and Henry Gillard on drums. The band’s interesting and unique principle of work is that everything is interlinked in this world and it is our job to unearth these links. Actve Captve has won laurels by performing at the Music Mixer ATX studio Set which was broadcast on livestream and filmed by the talented Becca Rodriguez. Actve Captve has been committed to consistency throughout 2023 with new music releases each month and upcoming tours and showcase performances in store for 2024, They are headed towards the extraordinary!

Actve Captve
In the face of life’s void, this song says the unsaid. Life is much more than this dull feeling, it is so GINORMOUS.

"I Can't Explain" is a rock-pop song produced by Jason Heninger, mixed by Israel Doria, and mastered by Justin Colletti in June 2023. Kyle May recorded the drums for the song in Nashville and vocals by Justin Han and Cassie Brand were recorded at Orb Studio in Austin. The single is extremely introspective and personal to the artist. The lyrics echo the despair of an individual who struggles to make peace with a life devoid of meaning and fulfilment. The artist feels like he is standing alone in a void where there seems no way out and no one with experience and knowledge who could help him attain the fulfilment he longs for in his life. The song is a tasteful blend of memory and reality, of melody and sentiment. It is not just the artist’s song but a sonic saga of all the intangible experiences we all go through in our lives. A must-listen song for knowing thyself!

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