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A Tale of Love, Loss, and Resilience: Culann's 'Songs of Saints & Reivers'


Get ready to embark on a super-thrilling rock venture with Culann's 'Songs of Saints &Reivers'. Culann, winners of the 'Best Rock/Alternative' category at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, have truly honed their craft over the years. They've cultivated a dedicated fanbase, graced festival stages, sold out shows, and even left their mark on the legendary Barrowland Ballroom. Their music is a unique fusion, blending traditional Scottish melodies with contemporary, emotive lyrics, resulting in raw and honest tracks.

Their latest offering, 'Songs of Saints & Reivers,' is a journey that carries listeners through a cascade of emotions, breaking free from the barricades of their feelings and immersing them in a vibrant rock haven.

The expedition begins with 'Rovers,' an enigmatic and romantic rock ballad that sets the tone for what's to come. As we progress, 'City Ethereal' greets us with a brighter, more vibrant beat, accompanied by lyrics that navigate the complexities of yearning for love and enduring heartbreak—a unique rollercoaster ride in its own right.

Next, we plunge into the magnificent punk rock realms of 'Saint Andrew,' where heavy, resounding beats and retro rock sounds create an atmosphere of yearning for recovery. Finally, we encounter yet another facet of this album in 'Heart of the Sea,' a calming acoustic ballad that feels like a peaceful and soothing conclusion—a raising of white flags, commemorating a tranquil ending.

Test this sonic rock liberation down below -




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