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A Musical Love Affair: BreakTime's Journey Through 'Specials


BreakTime masterfully blends the timeless harmonies of The Beatles and The Beach Boys with the energetic essence of the Hudson River, infusing a modern pop twist. A delectable combination of vintage-inspired pop and rock, their music exudes a lively and optimistic vibe. Evolving from humble beginnings as a cover band to skilful songwriters, BreakTime captivates their audience. Their live performances draw in fans across various genres who revel in their classic sound. With the release of their debut single "Rock N' Roll Refugee," they've become renowned for their dynamic stage presence. Embark on an exhilarating journey with Sean, Thommy, Doug, and Peter as they guide you through their enthralling sonic landscape.

Specials is more than just an album; it's a wild, nostalgic ride bursting into a romantic adventure.

In Motor City Mama, rock collides with funk to craft a catchy 70s sound that's irresistibly charming. Featuring an air of retro allure, it highlights the enigmatic 'Motor City Mama' whose undeniable charisma heats up any room. The story then delves into the ethereal realm of 'Love and Harmony.' An exuberant depiction of idyllic romance and euphony, it vividly illustrates a blossoming love affair. The chorus injects an invigorating dose of creative ambition into the melody.

Next is the lush world of 'Dandelions.' A tender acoustic tale recounting the artist's initial encounter with his beloved, this enchanting love story overflows with touching lyrics reminiscent of a fairy tale. As 'Be Mine' unfolds before us, we witness a passionate love story brimming with promises. It transports us to scenic lands where love blossoms and invites the object of affection to surrender herself for an unparalleled experience.

The narrative takes a striking turn with "You Don't See Me" – a phase where the relationship is fraught with uncertainty and intense disputes, perhaps due to miscommunication or overindulgence. The lyrics "Well, I know that I see you, but you don't see me" paint the narrative that beneath the surface, everything is not as idyllic as it seems. Following this, "Octane" entrances us with its mesmerizing blend of electric guitar and handclaps, serving as a compelling teaser that has listeners eagerly anticipating what comes next.

"From You" marks a resurgence of the original themes, with the lovers having now moved on in their lives. Our protagonist recalls their time together with a bittersweet mix of joy and nostalgia. He feels the empty spaces left behind by their love, echoing an unfulfilled longing. As a consequence of countless misunderstandings, "She's the One" delivers a powerful moment of clarity: he realizes that she has so much to say but goes unheard by him. Yet her eyes communicated more than words ever could. Overcome with gratitude for her presence in his life, he resolves to hold her closer than ever before.

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