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A Musical Journey of Emotions - "You Will" by Pete Coppard

Pete Coppard
Pete Coppard

‘You Will’ by Pete Coppard has a very sturdy fragrance of unrequited love; blended with simplicity, agony and hope. Pete Coppards switch from loud electronic genre like in the album ‘This is This’ to a soft rock is commendable. Coppard had been playing music professionally for 14 years in a no. of tribute acts before releasing his soft rock original.

The melody offers flavor of nostalgia that transports you into the 90’s era.

It’s a very lyrically sound relatable melody that doesn’t fail to flirt with the emotions. The intro begins with simple, yet catchy acoustic guitar tabs, followed by a basic drum progression. It instantly gives us a hint about the tonality of the song. The highlight of the song has to be the simplicity in which the lyrics are written, followed by a subtly created melody. Even though the lyrics follow traditional structure, they are simple, desiring and relatable as it shouts agony and hums ballad of unrequited love. I love the way, how smartly Piano is used in the song. It holds the melody and simply enhances the entire song. The vocals are very profound and raw that dominates the entire track, which really works here. There’s nothing much going with the instruments, following a simple baseline and letting the vocals and lyrics blossom.

It's a song that can comfort listeners when the nights are dark and lonely, or just act as a chill melody to vibe on when the clouds are dark and the Rain Gods, happy. It’s fair to say that Pete Coppards music is ageing like a fine wine.

Test this melancholic tune down below -



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