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Whispers Of Desire: R&B Pop's Intricate Invocation with Micheal Little's 'Yesterday'

Micheal Little arrives yet again on the music scene with the lilac synths of his latest single, 'Yesterday'! An R&B singer and producer living proof that it's never too late to follow your dreams, Micheal's artistry has a smooth, delicate and emotion-infused twist, making it more mesmerising than any artist out there. Hailing from LA, Micheal now resides in Houston Texas and heavily reflects on his sonic influences like Gerald Lavert, Prine, Earth Wind and Fire, and many more. Micheal, a choreographer by profession, understands how music sulks into one's veins if it strikes a chord with them.

Song Cover of Micheal Little's 'Yesterday'
Song Cover of Micheal Little's 'Yesterday'

A single driven by an endless yearning to resurrect, this is calming, pacifying and has a dreamy groove to it that just hits right.

'Yesterday', a passion-filled jazz-inspired reverie, this entire track in entirety is an adorable moment of Micheal adoring his girlfriend. As someone who became a widow after a long marriage, his girlfriend was a love at first sight for him when he met her at the church group. This showcases immense love, reflects on the soulfulness and wholesomeness of their ever-lasting relationship, and is deeply compelling. For all the wanderers, this is a moment of hope to let you know that love has no bounds and will surely find your way.

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