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Voltage Vigor: Glam Rock's Revolution of Artistic Ferocity with Nick Noon's 'Who Needs Who'

Here to amp up your ordinary soft rock, the genius of Nick Noon returns with his brand new refreshing single, ' Who Needs Who'! An irresistible call to action for the masses, this emerges as a genre-dying sound that will almost astonish you. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee-based singer/songwriter has multiple feathers in his cap as he not only has written more than hundreds of songs but has also garnered critical accolades from a plethora of outlets. His soundscapes are full of an emotional awakening and power-packed with thunderous soundscapes that will feel like a delight to the ears. Let's witness the sparks of Nick Noon's sound! 

Nick Noon
Nick Noon

Your glam rock revolutionized in the most artistic manner possible, this surefire summer smash would make your time travel through every era of rock.

Carrying forward a carefully curated fusion of themes from the past and present, this blurs a sense of time in rock with profound grace. Evoking nostalgia with the vibrant indie chronicles of the 90s with a modern edge, this is full of exhilarating guitar riffs that send a jolt of adrenaline down the spine of listeners. 'Who Needs Who' spreads the message of evolving artistically and contains extensive amounts of soaring guitar solos, steady energy build-ups and a crescendo that will leave listeners wanting more.   

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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