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Velvet Vows: Jazz Tender Call to Love with Anton Commissaris's 'Baby, Can We Fall In Love'

Slow-dance in the lilacs of romance with Anton Commissaris's brand new sonic reverie 'Baby, Can We Fall In Love'! Residing in the vibrant city of San Francisco, Anton is a seasoned vocalist, pianist and composer who aims to do nothing but tell pure relish-worthy stories through his sound. Drawing inspiration from the titans of Jazz and Soul like Stevie Wonder, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Bill Withers and Cole Porter to name a few, his enchanting sound is a unique mix of genres like jazz, Latin rhymes and soul. His lyrical landscapes center around themes of love, life and the human condition ongoing challenges, daily struggles and many more. Explore the ecstatic allures of this brand-new single!

Anton Commissaris
Anton Commissaris

'Baby, Can We Fall In Love' is a groovy act of teleporting listeners to a cosmic love affair, this red-colored tune is a marvel of wonderful storytelling, making you swim into the ocean of adoration with every line.

Soft brewing of pure romance, this feels like a pure haven of charming and affectionate sounds. With almost poetic lyrics, this soft-jazz reverie is an intricate amalgamation of beautiful piano and soft drums. This is Anton's plead for his partner, asking her to fall in love. Telling her how's overdue, feels like a legitimate arrangement made by the cupid, whereas Anton's plight is almost too cute to be an emotional yearning. The story unfolds with the romanticization of every intricate detail Anton notices, from the setting of the Sun to dancing among the stars. The saxophone solos are a treat to the ears, as listeners witness Anton's charm bestowing upon them. Overall, I think that this could be the perfect tune to confess your love to your partner.

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