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The sky is the limit and Astralix goes beyond with his new song, The Rhythm Fills My Soul

The band consists of three members: Astralix, Gary Dranow, and Chris Zoupa and their producer is Louis Dupont. The band is majorly influenced by Tiesto, Marshmello, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and many more. They are releasing their introductory track for their EDM album “The Rhythm Fills My Soul” on Muosoup. His “Destiny Road” (Remix) project and his Ukrainian Rock project, “The Cry of War” and its music video were the subjects of Astralix’s interview by Will Lisil, Super Pop TV, UK. 

The Rhythm Fills my Soul

Dance to through the celebration of youth with "The Rhythm Fills My Soul".

Gary Dranow of The Manic Emotions and Astralix and Chris Zoupa of Teramaze and The Maniac Emotions collaborated to write and produce their maiden EDM. The EDM project is a huge shift from their established sonic styles like in their singles, “Destiny Road” and “Never Give Up”. “The Rhythm Fills My Soul” is a lively jollification of the spirit of youth, fun and the happy-go-lucky era of life through the universal language of dance. The gleeful lyrics combined with upbeat music recorded at 125 beats per minute become your all-time favourite dance partner. This song is so breezy just like life is when we are young!

Test the melody down here-

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