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Suspense in Sync: Thrilling Undercurrents of Arjay Smith's 'Old Man Rookie Instrumentals, Pt. 1 : Fives Up'

Arjay Smith's 'Old Man Rookie Instrumentals' are a hit for their creativity and here's why! Weaving his own world of sublime cerebral bangers, Arjay channels a unique aura to him as an artist that sets him apart. His artistry comprises of meticulously crafted symphonies with a precise attention to detail, and are mostly dynamic and engaging. As someone who is a maestro at telling a story without words, his tunes garner powerful emotional responses from listeners without uttering a single word. Let's decode the deep felt narratives of his work.

Arjay Smith
Arjay Smith

As described by Panfilth on SoundCloud, this is carefully curated and unpredictable journey where the devil and the god hide in the details.

The first track 'Afta-U' feels like an opening into a suspense packed venture which has multiple layers of thrill and uncertainty attached to it. This is extremely low-key but, extremely calming but chaotic and feels like a perfect start to a hip-hop instrumental album. The next track 'Space In Time' is the right amount of ethereal mixed with serenity, which is pacifying enough to set you free. This would instantly put you in a good mood, and feels like the ultimate lo-fi infused instrumentals thar got viral during 2020s and still hold relevance to this day.

'Dead Pres' starts off with notions of chaos, where one's mind is stuffed with vividly strange illusions. This is almost hypnotic, and seems like a track that is trying to tell a story. But with 'The Survival(9 to 5) we experience the life of go-getters, the fabricated lies those working in the corporate are told. This is extremely fluid, and could mean different things for different people. Last but not the least, 'Boom bap'tism' feels like a dope outro to this meticulously crafted magic. This sounds extremely polished, luxurious and full of elegance, as if ready to infuse a desire to discover more and more from the artist. The fun is this leaves you off-guard with an element of thrill, and hence I think everyone should listen this in order to find out.

Test this uniquely creative tune compilation down below -

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