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Sultry & Sabotage: Dismal Decimals of Matt McKnzi's 'City People'

Unravel the serenaded love affairs of Matt McKnzi's 'City People'!New England-based singer-songwriter Matt dives into real-world human barriers that we caught up in over time, like toxic relationships, unjust societal refrains, the scrutiny of the world, and many more. McKinzi yet again nailed his storytelling skills with not just moving storytelling, but also an electrifying vocal performance! Witness a moment of truth in Matt McKinzi's 'City People'!

Matt KcKnzi
Matt KcKnzi

'City People' is an overview of the societal conditions around a lyrical masterpiece that feels like the backbiting of snakes we term as the people we care about in the most surreal way possible.

A track exploring the exodus of toxicity, this explores how outrageously our society just consumes our spirits alive and continues to do so for the rest of our lives. Making us commit things we loath, and forget the things we care about, this is a blunt tale of how ferociously mean this world can be for everyone. This melody almost makes one realize how humanity thrives on such experience, and that one knows better about the kind of society they're brought up in. Lyrics like "Pity I know, pity I know, the people don't change and the city don't grow" portray how no matter how advanced we become materialistically, the majority still carries forward the orthodoxy and prejudices that were banished many years ago. Overall, a must-listen!

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