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Screams in Silence: The Dramatic Discords of Nasmore's 'Little Monster'!

Nasmore returns to the music scene with astounding hints of horror and mystery in their latest rock wildfire in collaboration with Ariana Celaeno, 'Little Monster'! A creative maestro with appreciative eyes for art in music, Canadian singer-songwriter Nasmore emerges as a dynamic rock-pop force to be reckoned with. With an aim of narrating stories, embarking on expressions and creating addictive sonic experiences, his artistry blends in elements of rock, electronic, pop and ambient music, and his versatility taps into multiple themes with ease. This release is one such creative venture, combining the vocal brilliance of Ariana Celaeno, and is an experience one wouldn't want to miss out on!


Little Monster, is a dramatically exuberating release that seems to tap into the narratives of escapism, thrill and suspense, whilst taping into the deepest parts of the human psyche.

A wave of thrill, 'Little Monster' is a remarkable fusion of pop, industrial metal and drama in music by infusing elements of revived tango. This melody is highly exhilarating, as it beautifully captures narratives of one's interpersonal conflicts and battles and how difficult it is to break free from them. While Nasmore's creative effort of bringing this dramatic vision to life has definitely paid off, the beauty of Ariana's emotive vocals brings a unique dimension of sensitivity to this release. The commotion of hard metal makes it explicitly addictive, as it combines a unique and vibrant symphony of genres that will relentlessly echo in the hearts of listeners for a long while.

Test this dramatic melody down below -

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