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Rhythmic Remedy: Alternative Pop's Melodic Medicine for Life and Soul through Seaker's 'Grown'

Seaker is here to yet again entice the world with the explicit realism of her brand new release, 'Grown'! Hailing from London, Seaker, born Kiran Hungin, has a diverse ethnic background with her father being from India and her mother is from England and has learned early on in life to adapt and be inclusive to understand different cultural backgrounds. With her soulful and deep tunes reflecting on interconnectivity, she aims to make an emotional myriad, by not just enticing listeners but also offering them endless room to contemplate and express. Let's dive deep into the enchanting verses of Seaker's sound!


Making you resurrect and intertwine with the child within, this is an unhinged moment of depth in life, and is nothing short of pure magic.

Pondering over the difficulties we face as adults, we often tend to forget and slide the necessities the inner child in us needs, we forget to be happy, thereby letting in succumb to utmost darkness where it begins to fade into nothingness. This track, powered through with Seaker's distinctive vocal charm and muted piano tones, is beautifully evocative and will help you navigate through growth in life, reminding one how essential it is to make the kid within you happy and feel loved for your healing, as when we die we must return in our purest of forms, not as diluted adult minds. "There needs to be a delicate balance between self-belief and needing reassurance to make sense of the world around you"-Seaker.

Test this soulful melody down below -

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