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Revolt In Rhythms: Prog Rock's Unyielding Battlecry with Natalia Quest's 'Inversion'

Forging fires of change with her, Natalia Quest returns to the masses with her latest sonic bash, 'Inversion'! A singer-songwriter from Russia and currently located in Los Angeles, Natalia is a pro at combining alternative genres such as progressive rock, nu metal, symphonic metal, dark wave, and industrial, classic and electronic rock. A true canvas with no set colours, her artistry is influenced by legends like Radiohead, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails. It aims to embody sophistication and complexities and provides a direct mirror reflecting her old soul.

Natalia Quest
Natalia Quest

Igniting with tremendous power, this single captures the pure essence of the kalaiedoscope of time, with the rendevous that transformed our reality- hence a truly awe-inspiring masterpiece.

A true portrayal of the devastating aftermaths of change and passage of time, this prog rock rage revelation captures all the shades of the bad- the madness, the lies and everything that unknowingly leads us brutally to the stage of inversion, the genocide, false prophets and at last, the unreal and unnatural flowing into the mainstream and corrupting our minds. This feels like a call to transform and rise from the shadows, to stop the blind from leading the blind, and to rise up against hypocrisy and falsehood.

Test this fierce melody down below-

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