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Revelations on Repeat: Rocking the Airwaves with Haters-Turned-Fans with The Exact Opposite's 'You Work For Us Now'

The Exact Opposite is here to revive freshness in rock with their debut release,' You Work For Us Now'! A distinctive creative project by Dental Records, 'The Exact Opposite' shines as a duo of underground indie maestros singer/guitarist Jamie Stuart and multi-instrumentalist and drummer Nigel Powell who've previously aced stages with Deep Dive, Dustball, Unbelievable Truth and many more. A single that came together as an impromptu thought, Nigel shared how the spiky post-punk Television-style bass and the insistent dance bottom end in this release make for their signature sound. Let's welcome the indie rendevous of The Exact Opposite!

The Exact Opposite
The Exact Opposite

Painting a stark reality and point of difference between mouths that just blabber against talent and actionable talent that speaks for itself, this will feel an ounce of confidence that one needs to respectfully savage their haters as losers.

With a beautifully addictive bass guitar hook, 'You Were For Us Now' is a pacifying classic rock punch and a chokeslam to all the haters. This release paints a vivid picture of the artists and their meticulous approach towards their art. Dedicated towards themes of liberation, and breaking free from the moulds of insecurity haters put through, this is a live example of how their depriciating tricks towards your downfall wouldn't work if one is dedicated and goal-sighted. This is targeted specifically towards not giving up, and how being dedicated towards the project or skill one wishes to master can only help them see the limelight.

Test this refreshing melody down below -

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