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Reminiscin' by Ozzient is a bold expression against the one who did you wrong in the name of love

Ozzient is a highly talented music producer from Chicago. He has been dropping songs on Spotify since the start of this year and has successfully put out five projects- all with a different vibe. His beats generally have digitally programmed hip-hop drums and elements from different genres of music which make his beats sound quite unique and fresh. According to what his beats demand, he gets the apt artists to feature on the song and puts together an ear candy for the listeners to enjoy.

Reminiscin’ the Failure of Love with the heartbreaking lyrics by KiERAN, Essay M & Kay9. Ozzient puts together a song that will make you think about the worst days that love made you see.

Ozzient just dropped his single Reminiscin' which is bound to kindle some emotions in your head as the song relates to you if have ever been treated wrongly in love. The track starts with KiERAN’s verse where he tells a story about his heartbreak. This is followed by a melodious hook by none other than Essay M. The hard-hitting flows and exceptional tonality in the voice of the artists and the amazing music in what makes this track stand out.

Last but not least, Kay9 goes all out with his emotions on the track. He talks about the anxiety and insecurities that make you do all kinds of stuff to hide what you are going through.

Test the melody down here-

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