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Quitting the Quagmire: Alt-pop Alchemy of Matt McKnzi's 'Ghost'

Float through the labyrinths of sound with Matt McKnzi's latest power-packed single, 'Ghost'! Hailing from New England, this pop powerhouse of singer-songwriter feels like an influential product of soul, pop and alternative R&B. With his music moulded into the themes of spiritual revelations, addictive tendencies and overcoming toxic relationships, McKnzi profoundly succeeds at providing us with a truthful perspective on the reality of things.

Matt Mcknzi
Matt Mcknzi

Dark pop melody one would want to re-visit, this would fill you with the depth of Matt's life whilst liberating your mind into the clouds of symphonies.

An extremely fluid and bold pop jam that unravels Matt's personal life journey to glory, this is a bash on all the haters, especially shutting the mouth of his ex-lover. Smooth beats, poignant lyricism and dream-like synths of sound, the rhythm is extremely catchy, and would make you groove. This also establishes Matt's persona as fierce and extremely powerful, as if making you fall into the delusions of Matt selling his soul to the devil. Encapsulating the themes of typical R&B and hip-hop, this navigates through a deep 808 rhythm beatsphere whilst narrating the deepest of stories.

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