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Pulse Party: Pop's Bodacious Beats and Basslines of SAGE SUEDE's 'Dirty Blonde'

SAGE SUEDE returns with his infectious energy to Rizzle up the dance floor with his brand new tune compilation,' Dirty Blonds'! Hailing from Austin, Texas, SAGE is a prominent sound visionary who produces and writes music, and art directs and is a multi-lingual genius who's renowned worldwide through his music and modelling. With his last visual album 'Foolin Around' and a couple of singles released in 2022, SAGE finally revives back his genius with the fires of 'Dirty Blonde!'. A futuristic sound compilation that is full of heavy bass-driven EDM landscapes, let's decode its glitz and glamour!


A funky Yeezus-inspired beatscape, that has all the rage and roses that a rave party would ever need.

We start this tune extravaganza with the funky grooves of 'High'. A single that sounds athletic to the ears, this is perfect to groove to and creates a euphoric atmosphere with its mischievous sounds. Then we step into the sonic ambres of 'Palm Trees and Scotch', a sound that sounds almost perfectly monochromatic with its vibey synths and neon soundscapes. This track will make the listeners levitate into grounds of unique possibilities.

'The Best Revenge' is a playful yet sassy melody that infuses a sense of dope into the surroundings, this is a proper edm-techno infuse that will teleport the listeners into a fun rave party. 'Corn Chip Thot', a bass-driven funky melody, also has retro elements like opera. With an unhinged lyrical landscape, with this tune, Sage throws shade at them haters with utmost swag and mystique.

A sneaky-link melody, the next melody,' Work From Hoe' sounds like an absolute dance banger to begin with. This is funky, and has an element of surprise with its beat that's almost too hard to not get hooked on. 'Spunky' on the other hand, is a dystopian collaboration with the talented 'Honey-B-Sweet', is a zig-zaggy track that begs the listeners to get on the dance floor.

Next up we have two bass-driven tunes 'Itty-Bitty' and 'Mack Daddy' that sound almost unreal and robotic to the ears. With their glitchy undertones, they are full of uneclipsed sound that seems to imitate human echoes. 'Turn It Up- paso doble interlude' is yet another funkadelic voyage with seems to be almost hypnotic to the ears. 'Finna' is yet another retrograde edm melody that almost sounds similar to the early 2000s edm sounds, and is yet another beautiful collaboration with Dazmin D'leon.

'Broment' feels like a follow-up to Finna, and is yet another robotic-like sound that is heavy on bass. 'Weaponize Dem Thighs' is a complete shapeshifter from the ordinary dance-driven themes of the album, this has elements of funk rock and is an absolute banger, like most of the album. Last but not least, we get a bonus track, the 'Corn Chip Thot-Jyme remix', which seems like a fun twist to the original.

Test this glamourous tune compilation down below -

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