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Pouring Pain: Rhymes on the Liquor's Grip with Dax's 'Dear Alcohol'!

The iconic Dax hits the musical road yet again with his brand new release 'Dear Alcohol' and here's everything you need to know! A heartfelt number coming from Dax, this is a pure work of art that proves how Dax not only can win hearts, but also become the epitome of relatability for the masses. A versatile singer/songwriter deriving inferences from a plethora of artists, Dax is entirely self-made, garnering a massive amount of critical accolades and also gracing the audience with his divine presence through massive amounts of touring. Building substance from scratch, let's witness the beauty of Dax's brand-new single!


"I keep drinking until I'm someone I don't recognize", this elaborate disclosure from Dax's life would make you navigate through the sorrows and see at the larger picture of your life.

A track about the levels of lows life makes you feel with the over-consumption, this is a subtle reflection of how it's deteriorating with you, yet is the only best friend you can rely on. Dax shares his personal experiences where he drinks to the point of passing out because that is when he truly feels alright. He shares how he reluctantly overshadows his grooming palpitations to feel the numbness from alcohol. A daily ongoing of his life, he's unsure of the path his life has got him on, but at least every doubt-infused slurp of that drink puts his mind at ease. Hoping for better times, all he wants to do is take control of his life in his own hands, instead of wasting it on a bottle of liquor.

Test this emotive melody down below -

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