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Pink Chocolate Serenade is MS.ERY's Sweet Symphony of Love

MS.ERY is a solo pop singer and songwriter who debuted in 2022 with her first single "Mystery". She is known for her unique and colourful style, as well as her versatile voice that can switch from soft and sweet to powerful and edgy. She writes and composes most of her songs, drawing inspiration from her own experiences and emotions.


"Pink Chocolate," is a buoyant pop gem that delves into the myriad emotions of falling in love.

"Pink Chocolate" exudes vibrant energy, encapsulating the sweet sensations of romance, narrated through playful metaphors of confectionery and colours. With whimsical lyrics brimming with wit, the song paints a vivid picture of the singer's longing to share a special moment with someone dear. The melodic composition fuses lively synth arrangements and resonant guitar sounds, creating an infectious and buoyant atmosphere. However, it's the catchy chorus, echoing the phrase "pink chocolate" throughout, that elevates the song's memorability. "Pink Chocolate" is a  playful yet charming track that is an excellent choice for pop music aficionados seeking a delightful blend of sweetness and sass.

Test the energy-filled electro-pop melody down here-

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