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Nurturing Tales of Peace: Kully Bath's 'Born To Be Brave' Strives for Serenity

Yearning progressively onto the brighter brim of things, Kully Bath returns to the music scene with her latest release,' Born To Be Brave'.Also known as Kulvinder Kaur Bath, Kully is an English singer-songwriter hailing from West Midlands. Exploring themes of emotional and adult contemporary music with her enchanting artistry, her music speaks volumes about the shapeshifting of pain to hope and acceptance. As someone who was also Ambassador to the Mayor of Walsall in 2018 and previously ran a clinic catering to 100+ mental health patients, Kully has always been a pure ray of hope in not just raising awareness and acknowledgement but also working for the cause of mental health. An angel with multiple feathers in her cap, let's experience the voice of power via Kully's 'Born To Be Brave'!

Kully Bath
Kully Bath

Cascading above and beyond with a simple shift of perspectives, this track feels like a ray of acknowledgement, going above and beyond with its narratives.

'Born to be Brave', a track about unleashing one's true self and not being afraid of it, indeed beams as an unparalleled ray of light for many. Dedicated to all the brave hearts, including our fellow doctors and people fighting battles upfront, this track is a reminder to all those suffering from mental health issues in their respective walks of life. We're reminded how devastating it is to even think about the circumstances one goes through to always feel broken, and how difficult it can get to even reminisce one's good times as the bad and the brutal is so overpowering, the excruciating pain of just being and feeling solitary and at a loss of life due to the dark clouds of uncertainty around them that just fill up their mind's room with hysteria. She even talks about volunteering to be their prime shoulder of support by providing her own wisdom to ease up the environment, she indelibly wishes to help them out and be their guiding light. She also acts as an anchor who is full of empathy and wishes to act as a soulful representative for the ones suffering.

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