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Love In Rewind: Pop Rock's Chill Palette of Redemption in Will Francis's 'Make It Right'

Let's dwell into the dreamy ambience of Will Francis's latest release,' Make It Right'! A music artist hailing from Clayton, NC USA, Will is an authentic singer/songwriter and musician who's blessing the genres of rock and many others with the nectar of his sound. A man of many talents, Will is on a mission to conquer the world, with his ongoing singles, radio, blogs, playlists and his promoted music videos for TV. To promote unhinged, energetic and creativity-driven narratives, his tunes surely sound like a pure work of art!

Will Francis
Will Francis

Retrograde energy with the most relatable lyrics possible, this mello symphony is a visualizer-infused masterpiece that will surely bring your sunny side up!

A track channelling the nostalgia from the sound of the 80s, 'Make It Right' feels like a testament to the patience one has while being in love. Letting us know love is not all sunshine and rainbows but indeed about understanding and being there for each other, the retro pop bop contains a baritone and one octave down the vocal pace, which makes it more dreamy to listen. With its poignant lyrics and smooth and energetic synths, this will surely feel like a spark of musical creativity in the most heavenly manner possible. A perfect track to play on any occasion, this typically gives off a pacifying vacation vibe and would instantly soothe the listeners' mood!

Test this relaxing melody down below -

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