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Lilac Painted Love Hysteria in Jake Stone's 'Late Nights'

Austrailia-based charmer Jake Stone debuts agony and virtue via his latest love-dogma-infused track,' Late Nights'! As someone who's always been fascinated and enthusiastic about the realms of pop, Jake grew an early-age liking for artists such as Good Charlette, Coldplay, Kanye West and Simple Plan to name a few. If you're into the artistry of artists like Noah Kahan, Troye Sivan and Bastille, Jake's music explores musicality along similar lines as theirs and is truly impeccable!

Jake Stone
Jake Stone

A track depicting the inner turmoil that one goes through from a blatantly pointless connection with someone, this is the peak level chaos one receives in a fading love.

Drawing influences from Giveon's 'Heartbreak Anniversary' and Holly Humberstone's 'Falling Asleep At The Wheel', Jake Stone's 'Late Night' channels intimacy, frustration and all the moods all of us feel when someone leaves or has ever left us hanging. It's like a blank area of confusion that you find yourself revisiting, an aimless way you're all set to follow along, but you have no idea where it's destined. Questioning along the narrow lanes of the impossible;i.e, 'winning a breakup', and the undying level of frustration one feels when they're forced to see the other's face repeatedly as 'Friends', this opens up with a meandering and plaintive guitar line and also incapsulates drumbeats to add the touch of drama to the track.

A perfect track to levitate and set yourself free no matter where you at, this is as soothing and pacifying as the ocean and can be enjoyed anywhere and while doing anything.

Test this enchanting melody down below -

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