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I Panic Presents The Melancholic Tale of Separated Hearts

Marcel van Tetering, popularly known by his stage name alias I-Panic, was born and bred among music in The Hague, Netherlands, found solace in crafting music from a young age. Initially part of the band I Panic formed in '87, Marcel continued solo, channeling his diverse influences into his alternative rock compositions, rich with a touch of theatre and inspired storytelling.

"Unveiling the heart's yearnings, I Panic's 'Laughing, Talking, Loving'

"Laughing, Talking, Loving" navigates the bittersweet territory of distant lovers yearning for shared moments. Blending classic rock with art pop, the track unveils a tapestry of emotions through captivating melodies and emotive vocals. It intricately captures the essence of separation, intertwining longing with a hint of mischief. The desire to shock others is juxtaposed against the pangs of distance, highlighting the track's emotional complexity. The song beautifully encapsulates the essence of distant love, vividly depicted in its lyrics and melodies. With its compelling narrative and emotive delivery, "Laughing, Talking, Loving" invites listeners on a resonating journey, offering a glimpse into the evolving musical landscape of heartfelt storytelling.

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