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Golem Dance Cult drops a perfect Halloween Jam- "Ghost of Las Vegas"

Golem Dance Cult is an “Electrical Heavy Rock Dance/Electro Goth Rock” music project, co-founded by two childhood friends, Charles Why and Laur. During their adolescence, these two embarked on their first joint musical venture and now, cut to so many years later, they joined hands again to set off on a new path under the moniker, “Golem Dance Cult”. Laur hails from France. He had served as a drummer in their earlier venture and now, in addition to being a drummer, he has also taken the role of the main singer, sharing vocal roles with Charles Why who plays a multitude of instruments for the band: bass, guitar, cigar box, harmonica, Shamanic Drums, Shruti Box, Tibetan bowl, Gong and the like. He is also responsible for programming, and sampling while manning the production. Klaus Karloff, a mysterious German modern Shaman is also a part of their venture. The band gives free reign to creativity outside the defining boundaries of rock.

Golem Dance Cult
The "Ghost of Las Vegas" injects itself into our veins travelling straight to the subconscious. A song with great might! Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to Golem Dance Cult.

Part of the album “Legend of the Bleeding Heart”, “Ghost of Las Vegas” is your perfect Halloween song. The initial idea of the song is the universal feeling of loneliness in the midst of a crowd when one is surrounded by so many people yet one is alone. The eerie musical atmosphere and the plaintive lyrics of the song send a crawling sensation into our veins, evoking the idea of being surrounded by so many people like ghosts roaming around us yet feeling an emotional disconnect with the world.

The music video of this track features scenes in abandoned spaces and a very mysterious colour scheme. The subtle non-popping shots increase the thrill and ambiguity attached to the song and feels like an immersive experience altogether. This track resonates with the masses very personally and that’s how it’s special: a universal yet personal theme; something you’d like to listen to, enjoy and ponder upon for sure!

Test the melody down here-

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