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Femme Fatale Fiesta: Rock Pop's Anthem for Unapologetic Womanhood via Natalie Jean's 'The What For'!

Natalie Jean revives the funky rolls in rock with her brand new soulful sound,' The What For'! The goddess Natalie Jean never misses opportunities to entice audiences through her sort-after sonic reveries, and this is one such example. What sounds like the title track of Power-driven Bold Women like the queen herself, this is a pure work of art that also incorporates the genius of award-winning artist Nicki Kris, thereby showcasing the duo's immense capabilities to wreck the world with such high-powered numbers. Natalie's ability to always strike a chord with the listeners with her groovy melodies that are nothing but a pure rush of adrenaline, lets witness the fire of her music via this feet-tapping marvel!

Natalie Jean
Natalie Jean

With a sizzling hot melody coming fresh on the surface, this is a purely cool, groovy and funky rollercoaster ride that is almost too seductive and coy to go unnoticed!

Emerging as a whack yet random idea at a party, this track aims to empower women all across the globe with its infectious energy and addictive chorus. Inviting you on a wild ride, 'The What For' sounds like the celebration of pure, wild and free-spirited feminine energy that deserves cheers and echoes. Exploring themes of playfulness, confidence, boldness, fun, and freedom, this single goes hard with its electric guitar theme sound and Natalie's rusty and bold voice that powers through and powers through the rest of the track. Niche rock listeners can also listen to some old and classic rock here, as this is purely energetic and atrociously sexy to not get hooked to.

Test this infectious melody down below -

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