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Down on the Delta: Southern Glam Rock's Gritty Grooves with Matney's 'All Fired Up'!

Matney gears up and revives fury and funk in rock with their brand new release,' All Fired Up'! A household name in the post-punk rock scene, he has previously worked and performed with multiple collaboratives, including his southern rock works with the iconic David Alan Coe. A marvel co-written by Stevie Sales who has previously worked with gold record accolades like Justin Timberlake and Mick Jagger, this is southern-rock rendevous that will get the ground shaking, this is powerful and a blast of confidence for its listeners, like most of Matney's sound. Let's give it up for Matney!


Like the name itself, the single is a beautiful example of funk in rock, is a melodic extravaganza that'll get you'll get hooked up to within seconds.

Deriving inspiration from southern rock,' All Fired Up is a burning hot rock venture that explores Matney's farm life and its cultural bubble, and the relative themes of faith and past demons. As someone who's sailed through immense hard times and overcome an era of struggles, this is explicitly filled with rage, confidence and absolute sass. As someone who personally had to go through a lot of struggles, this is loaded with the perfect amount of drama and a groovy lead guitar riff, that will make everyone who listens to it. With poignant lyrics and synths to die for, this will immediately send a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners.

Test this funky melody down below -

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