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Cozy Cupid: Bedroom Pop's Soft Spoken Serenade with Gone Sugar Die's 'Valentine'

Gone Sugar Die is back with the brimming love capes of their brand new release, 'Valentine'! Born as a dark-love amalgamation of synth-punk and indie pop, 'Gone Sugar Die' is formed as a collaboration of Californian native Mike Hindert and Vancouver's Patrick McWilliams. Drawing artistic influences from indie-rock legends like The Killers and Oasis, and synth-electro artists like The Big Pink and Crystal Castles, their mania-tinged sounds make you want to break free, levitate, are groovy enough to dance but at the same time make you want to headbang. Explore the magnanimous labyrinths of Gone Sugar Die's 'Valentine'!

Gone Sugar Die
Gone Sugar Die

Astral symphony weaved into the peripherals of dream pop, this is an ecstatic romantic marvel arched out directly from the cupid's arrow, almost inducing a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners.

A track one would want to adore, 'Valentine' feels like a spark of hope and creativity for the hopeless romantics. A track so soothing, full of affection and pacifying beats, this is too adorable to ignore, almost makes you want to be the artist's valentine. In the track, the artist also expresses how he feels innate longing and nostalgia in the absence of their loved one, and it's almost rare and wholesome to witness a love so pure, wholesome and passionate. Full of mystical dream-pop beats, synthesizers and a rare bedazzle of piano at the end, this would almost make you teleport into the cherry blossoms, it sounds like the spring to the human brain. With poignant lyrics, the artist also proceeds to question if the people they hang around with actually adore them and care for them the way he does. It's simple, subtle, full of hope, cute and dreamy, like how a romantic track rightfully should be. Perfect to fall in love with, or just experience how falling in love sounds like without actually being in romantic love, this is simply the epitome of mood-inspired art.

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